Automation does not have to come at the cost of flexibility.

Symbio enables industrial robots to quickly learn and execute tasks —increasing efficiency, improving quality and reducing ergonomic hazards.


Symbio delivers turnkey applications at the intersection of advanced sensing, real-time control and data-driven learning. A few of the many we have delivered include:

General Assembly

SymbioDCS performs automation tasks throughout powertrain and general assembly operations. Our software automatically adapt to the uncertainty associated with workpiece positioning, part tolerances and other physical dynamics of an assembly process. SymbioDCS supports the tools you need to reduce fixturing costs and optimize cycle time.

Bin Picking

SymbioDCS tools support unstructured bin picking. GPU-powered perception modules render high-res point clouds from robot-mounted cameras. Our deep learning toolkit supports self-supervised grasp planning. Prediction and inference integrate with real-time motion control to plan efficient trajectories for part retrieval and manipulation.

Custom Applications

Many advanced robotics applications can benefit from modern infrastructure. Push the boundaries of what’s possible and work with our team to build what’s next.


Our success depends on enabling your execution. To ensure your effective adoption of our solutions, we provide a multitude of services, including:


We can guide you to the best robotics solutions and software strategies to perform your complex industrial tasks.


We’ll teach you how to build even more advanced robotics applications using SymbioDCS.


Every hour of downtime impacts your bottom line. If you’re in production and a problem arises, our field engineers will get you up and running again.