Mechanical Engineer

At Symbio, we write software to control industrial robots on production lines and factory floors..  Our goal is to disrupt industrial automation by controlling all makes and models of robots, very quickly and precisely, all with a common platform. Our goal is to completely supplant the existing robot programming paradigm:  allowing our end users to write smart robot programs that quickly close the loop on high rate force and vision feedback.

We are looking for experienced mechanical engineers to push these robots to the limits of their performance specifications, while ensuring reliable operation in an environment where tens of thousands of dollars are at stake per minute.

Our Mechanical Engineers are proficient at (and enjoy) coding for some projects. Python, Java, C, C++ all work for us.

You will:

  • Procure, design, and fabricate parts, fixtures and other hardware to be used for developing and testing AI-based robot control software, such as:
    • Actuated robot end effectors
    • Gripper details
    • Mockups of factory work cell
  • Use in-house prototyping tools (e.g. 3D printers) to rapidly iterate on prototypes
  • Create engineering drawings and release to outside vendors to fabricate deployment-grade hardware
  • Collaborate with engineers and customers to iterate on hardware design
  • Write software about 20% of the time, including but not limited to the following:
    • Develop tools, applications, and controllers to make robots solve physical problems
    • Code in Python to test and verify the functionality of designed mechanical hardware

You have:

  • BS or MS degree in mechanical engineering, robotics, computer science or equivalent
  • 2-5 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer in an industrial automation or automotive manufacturing environment
  • Prior experience with machining and fabrication
  • Proficiency as a Software Engineer (Python, Java, C/C++)
  • Proficient in Solidworks (our preferred CAD software)
  • Experience working with other disciplines including Production, Manufacturing, Test, Analysis, Electronics, etc. to drive hardware design and production activities through delivery
  • Proven troubleshooting skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Location: Emeryville, CA