Software Engineer - New Grad (2020 Start Date)

Symbio Robotics has built custom software drivers that can control robots very quickly and precisely. This allows our AI algorithms to help large industrial robots perform impressive feats. We are looking for software engineers to push these robots to the limits of their performance specifications, while ensuring reliable operation in an environment where millions of dollars are at stake!

You will:

  • Write algorithms to enhance the capabilities of industrial robots performing various manufacturing tasks
  • Write software to perform network-based real-time control of various makes of industrial robots, each with their own unique I/O interfaces and programming languages
  • Develop motion primitives, path planning algorithms, and other tools robot programmers can use when programming complex tasks

You have:

  • Experience coding in Python, C++, C, or Java
  • Experience working with multidimensional data types such as NumPy arrays
  • Familiarity working with command line Linux and Git
  • Strong interest in AI/Robotics applied to real world applications
  • BS or MS in Computer Science, Electrical / Computer Engineering, Mathematics, or equivalent experience

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with multithreading, multiprocessing, scheduling, object oriented programming and RTOS
  • Background in Reinforcement Learning, Optimal Control, 3D Perception, or Computer Vision
  • Experience programming ABB, KUKA, Motoman, or UR robots through ROS or related framework
  • Mission critical software development

Location: Emeryville, CA