Test and Reliability Engineer

Our software operates in a high stakes production environment where the impact of downtime is measured in tens of thousands of dollars per minute. Therefore, our code must run efficiently and reliably 24/7.

We are looking for a Test and Reliability engineer who upholds the highest standard for quality. You are the type of person who appreciates critical thinking, while building test cases that really count.

You will:

  • Ensure the entire software stack runs robustly and reliably 24/7 with production robots in-the-loop
  • Think critically and creatively to design tests to catch the not-so-obvious failure modes that might be overlooked by the rest of the developer team
  • Develop strong scientific and engineering processes for hypothesizing the root cause of an issue and create permanent fixes
  • Develop tools to perform real-time diagnostics for a variety of tasks

You have:

  • Experience coding in C, C++, Python, Java or similar
  • Experience with Python testing framework (e.g. pytest)
  • Experience testing and troubleshooting mission or safety critical embedded software
  • Previous authority making critical deployment decisions
  • First-hand experience with the entire life cycle of a software application, from prototyping to release to support

Location: Emeryville, CA