Automation and Controls Engineer

At Symbio, our goal is to disrupt industrial automation with novel control architectures that ensure 24/7 uptime on large-scale industrial robot systems. We are looking for automation and control engineers who can think creatively and have first-hand experience doing mission-critical robot programming in production environments. What are current bottlenecks in factory automation? What are some common pitfalls with system integration? If you have answers to these questions, we want you on our team!

You will:

  • Design, spec and integrate automation solutions, from the ground up, that include robots, motion controllers, PLCs, HMIs, safety relays, and advanced sensors
  • Procure, design, and fabricate parts, fixtures and other hardware to develop and test AI-based robot control software
  • Interface with prospective and existing customers to capture their technical needs and communicate feedback to the rest of the team
  • Travel up to 50% of the time to deploy solutions
  • Provide on-site customer support

You have:

  • 2+ years experience installing and supporting robot work cells in factories
  • 2+ years experience programming FANUC, ABB, KUKA, Motoman, or UR robots
  • 2+ years experience programming PLCs and HMIs
  • Experience installing automation in accordance with ISO 10218-1/2 (Safety Standards for Applications of Industrial Robots)

Bonus Points:

  • Basic experience in CAD
  • Experience coding in C, C++, Python, Java or similar
  • Experience installing and supporting automation in automotive factories

Location: Emeryville, CA